New Silta concept by Harri Koskinen, 18.1.2013

Saari Kitchen has begun cooperation with the designer Harri Koskinen. Koskinen has created a new type of kitchen and storage concept called Silta.

The Silta (bridge) kitchen concept combines a streamlined modular design with functional adaptability – what appears as a bookshelf in the living room can double as a kitchen cabinet on the other side and can include an integrated oven, refrigerator or dishwasher. 

The Silta range also includes solutions for living areas, such as storage units that can easily be combined to create functional configurations. The Silta range combines contemporary nordic design top-class, award-winning carpentry, high-quality and durable materials, and a philosophy of ecologically sound production.

High-quality technical solutions and carefully perfected designs open up new opportunities. For example, electrical cords and water and drain pipes are integrated, and hidden from view, inside the legs of the units. Domestic appliances are inconspicuously fitted inside the modules without visible connecting elements. A careful finish emphasises the premium quality of all units.

The carefully coordinated standard colour and material combinations make Silta an easy buy. The sizing of the units also meets the requirements of small spaces. The doors and frames, which are made of high-quality materials, are available in a painted (6 standard colours) or veneer (natural or stained oak) finish. The storage modules are also available with acrylic doors.

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